Photo Tutorial
Photo Tutorial
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Photo Tutorial



● Ebook, 30 pages
● Direct Download
● My Personal Photo Techniques

+ 🎁 Bonus Material! (10 Premium Photo Filters + 50 Instagram Templates)

👉 Master you photography skills! Learn my best techniques.

This is a full Photo Tutorial that includes both parts from my other books AND also additional 20 pages of my best techniques that you will NOT find in my other books!

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Learn My Personal Photo Techniques

This is a full Photo Tutorial that includes both parts from Hidden Instagram Secrets books AND also additional 20 pages of my best techniques that you will not find in my other books!

Master Your Selfie Techniques

The secret of the perfect selfie lies in choosing the right light, angle, as well as the settings in the camera and the position of the head. You will learn it all here.

Do Not Miss These 10 Tricks

Whether you are a beginner or more experienced with photography, here are some of our favorite tips that will help you improve your photography.

Travel Composition Techniques

Composition is one of the most important aspects of photography, whether you’re trying to master landscape photography or start up a wedding photography business.

5 Tricks to Make a Perfect Selfie

To make sure your selfie gets all the likes (and followers!), I have gathered the most helpful tips to capture all your finest angles.

Stop Doing These Popular Mistakes

Find about most common technical mistakes beginner photographers make, from image blur to overlooked composition, and some advice on how to avoid them.

Perfect Guide for Travel & Landscape Photography

This photo tutorial is not for selfies only. It has many tips that you can follow if you want to capture stunning travel or landscape photos.


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You Will Learn:

✔️ How to Use Your Camera

✔️ Best Formats for Instagram 🤫

✔️ Working With Composition

✔️ 11 of My Best Photography Techniques ❤️

✔️ Master Your Selfie Photos

✔️ 5 Tricks to Make a Perfect Selfie

✔️ Stop Doing Popular Mistakes

✔️ Mistakes That Girls or Guys Do

✔️ Do Not Miss These 10 Tricks 🎁

(DON’T share these techniques with anyone. You paid for them and they are Only Yours)


And much more!


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Have you ever wondered what it is that transforms a photo into a work of art? There are different aspects of a photography. As with any art, there are NO rules in photography that cannot be broken. Thus, these techniques are mainly guidelines that can help you compose your photos better.


Some people think that to get spectacular photos you need an expensive camera… It’s a misconception. Excellent photos can be taken even with a smartphone, as the right technique is often more important than the equipment.


I’ve put together classic photography tips, selfies and some of my personal to help you to improve the quality of the images. These tips will help beginner photographers and inspire the professional to improve their photographic skills.


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