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Travel Blogger Filters for beginners and professionals. Bring your feed to the Next Level!
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✔️ 5 presets + 2 bonus
✔️ Perfect for Travel photos
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Perfect set of professional filters (Lightroom presets) for your Instagram, Facebook, Blog or any other social network. These travel presets are great for all types of Travel photos and is beautifully balanced for a wide range of photography.

This pack contains direct digital download with 5 presets + 2 bonus for desktop and mobile that are available as soon as you buy it.




Are you a travel blogger looking to elevate your photos and captivate your audience? Look no further than our Travel Blogger Lightroom presets. Our preset collection is designed specifically for travel photography, allowing you to capture the beauty and essence of each destination.

With just one click, you can transform any photo into a stunning masterpiece. Our presets are designed to bring out each scene’s natural colors and textures while also balancing the shadows and highlights for a polished finish.

Our Travel Blogger Lightroom presets are incredibly versatile as well. Use them on outdoor shots for a bright and lively feel or apply them to indoor photos for a more cozy and inviting effect. You can customize each preset to suit your unique style with options for both warm and cool tones.

And because our presets are compatible with both desktop and mobile versions of Lightroom, you can edit your photos on-the-go or from the comfort of your own home. Plus, with easy-to-follow installation instructions included in your purchase, getting started has never been simpler.

So why wait? Take your travel photography game to new heights this year with our Travel Blogger Lightroom presets. Your followers will be amazed at how breathtaking each shot turns out! Whether it’s showcasing scenic landscapes or highlighting local cultures, our presets will bring out the best in every photo. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to make your travel blog stand out from the rest!


Mobile & Desktop Presets (two versions included)


5 Presets + 2 Bonus


Compatible With IOS And Android (all devices)


Instant Download, Lifetime Purchase


Compatible With Mac And Windows (all devices)


Easy Installation, Instructions Included


Please keep in mind that the presets look different on every photo (depending on the light or the colors in the picture or the camera used). You might need to do some simple adjustments after the preset is applied.

This is a Travel Blogger lightroom preset. Travel bloggers often use presets that help create bright and airy images, or that add a vintage look. This preset will help you to save time and create consistent looks for your photos. To install presets, download them and then drag and drop them into the Presets folder in your Lightroom directory.

As a travel blogger, you likely take a lot of photos to capture your experiences and share them with your followers. To make your photos stand out, you may want to consider using Lightroom presets.

Lightroom presets are basically pre-made filters that you can apply to your photos with just a few clicks. They can help give your photos a consistent look and feel, and save you time from having to edit each photo individually.

There is a variety of Lightroom presets available, so you can find ones that fit your personal style. Travel bloggers often use presets that help create bright and airy images, or that add a vintage look.

If you’re unsure where to start, many free Lightroom presets are available online. You can also purchase preset packs that offer a variety of looks.

Installing Lightroom presets is easy; once you have them installed, you can apply them with just a few clicks. To install presets, download them and then drag and drop them into the Presets folder in your Lightroom directory.

Once you install your presets, you can apply them to your photos. To do this, select the photo you want to edit and then click on the Preset drop-down menu. From here, you can choose the preset you want to apply.

If you’re not satisfied with the results of a preset, you can always adjust the settings to get the look you want. Lightroom presets are a great way to save time and create consistent looks for your photos. So, if you’re a travel blogger, be sure to give them a try.

What is a Travel Blogger?

Are you curious about what exactly a travel blogger is and what they do? Do you have dreams of one day being able to experience the world one place at a time, but have no idea how to get started?

A travel blogger is someone who creates content related to travel, including images, videos and written descriptions. They may focus on particular destinations or aspects of traveling such as budgeting or luxury experiences. They share their experiences with their readers and often help inspire others to explore different parts of the world.

Travel bloggers are more than just those who write about their travels — they’re also photographers, videographers, storytellers, marketers, influencers, entrepreneurs and entrepreneurs. To be successful in this industry requires hard work and dedication – from writing content that resonates with readers to publishing regularly on various social media channels.

What Does it Take to Become a Travel Blogger?

Becoming a travel blogger requires more than just an adventurous spirit; it takes determination and commitment. You must be able to capture stunning photos and videos while documenting your journey (even if you’re not an experienced photographer). It also helps if you have knowledge of SEO (search engine optimization) so your blog posts can reach wider audiences.

In addition to mastering the technical aspects of blogging (such as setting up a website), becoming a successful travel blogger also involves creating captivating visual content (e.g., high-quality photos) as well as compelling stories that keep people engaged and wanting more from your blog posts. You must also regularly engage with your followers on social media — such as responding to comments or sharing relevant content — in order for them to stay interested in your journey and stick around for future posts!

How Can You Get Started With Travel Blogging?

Whether you’re considering making travel blogging your full-time job or taking your hobby full-time — the first step would be deciding which platform you’d like to use for hosting your blog. WordPress is one popular choice among bloggers because it’s user friendly and offers plenty of customization options. After setting up your site, it’s time to start posting! Keep in mind that quality is better than quantity when it comes to blogging; planning ahead can help save precious time by efficiently creating engaging content that appeals directly towards your target audience.

Making connections with other bloggers within the same niche can also be beneficial for gaining more traction; consider joining online communities specific for traveler bloggers so that you can interact with like-minded individuals who understand the concepts behind blogging better than others. Additionally, hosting giveaways could potentially increase views from those looking for freebies — although always read through terms & conditions beforehand! Finally, don’t forget about SEO which will ensure better ranking on search engines when users are looking for specific topics related to traveling/blogging – ensuring maximum visibility & potential traffic growth!

Benefits of Being a Travel Blogger

There are many benefits associated travelling around the world while getting paid doing something you love:

Flexibility: There are no set hours or target deadlines unless planned out ahead of time – allowing individuals freedom enabling them in take risks they otherwise wouldn’t if based in a single location due commitments at home/work etc; allowing individuals free roam over entire country or even entire continent while still making money at same time!

Expanding Horizons: By experiencing different cultures, cuisines & lifestyles usually only heard of elsewhere allows individual gain broadened understanding life itself; greatly increasing perspective & outlook on many things seen before under different light now after having visited these unique places themselves first hand!

Financial Freedom: Travel blogs often generate passive income stream over long term thanks internet being global marketplace these days giving access anyone having ambition do so regardless where individual hails from originally origin wise speaking! This allows financial freedom never thought possible before modern times we currently live in – giving complete control future plans lifestyle choices without worrying too much consequence based off fixed income salary typical 9–5 jobs offer nowadays!

As mentioned previously becoming successful within this niche require bit perseverance dedication hard work both front firstly building foundations/branding secondly maintaining them subsequently afterwards achieve goals set out initial stages continue remain consistent all times produce quality engaging content few mistakes along way bound happen everyone sometimes regardless experience levels involved matter case scenario however don’t let stop progress made within sector field view mistakes learning milestones gain appreciation entire process instead hitting wall then start again due sudden failure nothing major happened course action during path goal oriented targets should end outcome expected results expected initially prior beginning journey major adventure awaits everyone aspiring become next best thing blogosphere namely travelling globally sustainable manner possible making living dream come true reality hopefully obtaining all three objectives listed beforehand becoming reality soon enough given right circumstances conditions involved procedure overall result itself brought forth conclusion end aforementioned process involved itinerary example outlined here today hope enjoy journey chosen endeavour enjoy success found.

What Are Some Tips To Become A Successful Travel Blogger?

Have a niche – Consider what type of content you’re interested in creating and the kind of audience you want to reach, such as budget travelers or luxury seekers. It is important to have a well-defined niche so that your readers know what to expect from your blog.

  • Create quality content – Quality content should be engaging, informative and interesting to read. Make sure it’s well written and supported with images or video clips if possible. Research the topics that you write about and include accurate information for your readers.
  • Use keywords in titles and posts– Keywords help search engines index your content, allowing more people to find it when searching for related topics online.
  • Engage with other bloggers– Networking with other travel bloggers or influencers can help you grow an audience faster by connecting with people with similar interests. Participating in forums or joining blogging groups can also be beneficial in creating relationships within the blogging community that could lead to collaborations down the line.
  • Promote on social media – Share your blog posts on various social media platforms like Twitter, Instagram, Facebook etc., and use hashtags so that more people can find it easily when searching for related topics online; this will also help increase visibility for your blog and potentially attract new followers!
  • Collaborate with brands – Partnered/sponsored posts can be a great way to earn extra income from blogging while providing value (and recognition) for both parties involved; not only does it give exposure for the brand but it also gives your blog credibility which is great for attracting new readers!
  • Set goals & stick to them – Having goals helps keep you focused on achieving specific targets; set small achievable objectives like publishing one post every week or getting 100 new followers each month, then gradually increase those numbers as time goes on and see how far you can go!

By following these tips and consistently producing quality content over time, you will eventually become a successful travel blogger who has seen different parts of the world, experienced unique cultures firsthand and inspired others along their journey!

Q. Is it an instant download?

Yes, these Lightroom presets are an instant download. They are available immediately after payment is complete. Download link is sent to your email address.

Q: I did not receive an email. Why?

An email is always sent. If you are using a Gmail, please check in Campaign/Promotion tab. Sometimes Google sorts and puts it there. Move it to your primary inbox. It can also be in spam folder if you are using a strict mail filter. Contact me if you can't find it so I send you a new one.

Q. What if I lose my purchase?

No worries at all, just send me an email with your order details and I will send you a new download link.

Q: Is it for Desktop or Mobile?

It is both for a Desktop and Mobile. You will find two versions inside. Works with all devices: Windows, Mac, iPhone, Android and so on.

Q. I'm not a Pro, is it hard to use?

It's very easy to use: choose a photo filter you like and single click to apply it.

Q: Can I edit my photos after applying a filter?

Yes, you can edit and make any changes. My filters make over 100 changes to the photo to create that look and you are free to change any setting you want. For example, if the picture you apply the preset to becomes too light/dark, you can change the exposure settings. If the color is different then you can change color temp. Contrast settings are popular too. You can also change HSL (hue saturation luminance) settings, it changes how light, dark or how saturated the color is.

Q: Is it easy to install?

Yes, it is. On desktop you can install all filters at once. On mobile version you can choose one by one. You can also connect the desktop and mobile with each other if you want, so they are always synchronized (good if you travel a lot and want to edit your photos on the go).


14 reviews for Travel Blogger Lightroom Presets

  1. Alexander

    Perfect for my travel flow. Thanks!

  2. Diogo

    I bought your presents today! And I’m loving it!! I’ve been looking for those effects a long time!!

  3. Alexis

    Cool filters for my holiday photos. Thank you for help support

  4. Kaji


  5. Siddhant Bahuguna

    The travel pack I bought is amazing. It adds a new perspective to the pictures I click!

  6. David Arellano

    pretty cool collection, been using it a lot lately

  7. Jacqueline Asilo

    Great travel packs. Made my travel photos come to life. Easy to use and crazy options to choose.

  8. Karen Dino

    Best presets there is! My facebook and instagram pics got instant upgrades!

  9. Louella Denise Batul

    Great presets. Did not regret buying these

  10. Roberto Anesi

    Nice filters, fantastic for travellers. Make every goto more intense!

  11. Ricki

    I’m a total beginner and I just want to say these filters are awesome! Love how they can transform my photos.

  12. Bernardo d’Alte

    Great presets

  13. mirkancan23

    You have this great filters, they do great job!

  14. iamwonderbrad

    Bought this and I have to give my compliment to these amazing filters! You can see my filtered photo at various places I traveled to e.g. Santorini, Venice, Hallstatt, Salzburg rendered in wonderful colors!

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